ProNic e liquid nicotine is the best option to alter your favourite E-liquid to your desired nicotine strength, whilst remaining smooth and not altering taste.

Why use PRONIC e liquid nicotine?

ProNic was developed to put an end to low quality, harsh nicotine shots that prevent the consumer enjoying how their liquid should taste. Using the highest quality nicotine, VG & PG we have manufactured the smoothest nicotine shots on the market. TPD constrictions have changed the industry standard for bottle size, 10ml when containing nicotine. Now we see a wealth of 0mg nicotine liquids in bigger bottles on the market, allowing the user to add flavourless nicotine themselves after purchase, these are referred to as ‘short fill’ bottles. This will often be a 60ml size bottle with 50ml of liquid, or a 120ml size bottle with 100ml of liquid. Simply remove the nib / cap and pour in your ProNic to reach your desired strength. Instructions below.

Instructional Steps 

  • Select your preferred ProNic 70vg or 100vg 
  • Grab your favourite 0mg E-liquid 
  • Carefully remove the nib and top up with your ProNic 
  • 50ml + 10ml ProNic = 3mg
  • 100ml + 20ml ProNic = 3mg 
  • Thoroughly shake your nic’d up E-liquid

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Pronic e liquid nicotine contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE BEFORE USING IF YOU ARE: Pregnant or breast-feeding, have any heart conditions, a gastrointestinal complain, liver or kidney disease, long term throat disease, difficulty breathing due to bronchitis, emphysema or asthma, an over-active thyroid gland or have a phaeochromocytoma, diabetes, or if you are taking any other medication such as theophylline, clozapine or ropinirole. If you have symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal – you may wish to try a higher dose product and speak to your doctor. Nicotine Poisoning – feeling faint, feeling sick (nausea), headache – stop using the product or try a lower strength and speak to your doctor. Very common side-effects: (more than 1 in every 10 people are affected); headache, cough irritation of the mouth or throat. Common side-effects: (less than 1 in every 10 people are affected); dizziness, nasal congestion, stomach discomfort, hiccups, feeling sick (nausea), sickness (vomiting). Uncommon side-effects: (less than 1 in every 100 people are affected); chest palpitations.


Very rare side-effects: (less than 1 in 10,000 people are affected); abnormal beating of the heart. If you notice these or any other unwanted effects not listed in this leaflet tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and let us know via email or telephone. Always read or follow the manufacturer instructions on filling your Electronic Cigarette device. Shake the bottle well before use, replace cap and fasten tightly immediately after use. Keep out of sight and reach of children. If the product is in any way defective do not use. Contact the manufacture to arrange a replacement. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry and dark place. The nozzle diameter on this product is 2.5mm wide and will only work in tanks with an opening in excess of 3mm. When you stop smoking cigarettes you may also develop mouth ulcers. The reason why this happens is unknown.

Manufactured by: Prohibition Labs. Unit 7 Nepicar Park, Wrotham, Kent TN15 7RR. Email: Tel: 01622 851436